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NAME; Thetis

APPEARANCE; Thetis doesn’t look too much unlike the typical kid in the 26th century. A reversed red triangle on his forehead marks him as a Reploid, as if the bright blue hair and magenta eyes weren’t indication enough that he’s not a regular human. White hearing devices poke out slightly where his ears would be, and large yellow rings encircle his wrists, ankles, and neck. While the pseudo-skin on his head is somewhat pale, it’s undeniably white on his legs and fingers, the latter ones being encased in black fingerless gloves. His trademark clothing pieces are a blue hoodie and black short shorts, a combination he doesn’t bother switching around much. In fact, he spends more time in his Model L form than in any other set of clothing. In this form, he wears a helmet with a large red jewel in the front, a large blue fin protruding from the back. He takes on a much more robotic appearance overall, revealing the black metal of his torso underneath a small blue and yellow vest, as well as the joints between white and black sections on his upper legs. Blue metallic guards encase his forearms and calves, his boots having fins as well to facilitate swimming. (Alternatively, TL;DR.)

ABILITIES; Strengths: In his Reploid form, he’s a little stronger overall than your average 14-year old kid. He’s not built for combat, but the fact that he’s mechanical allows him to do things a little bit outside regular kid capacity, such as lifting heavy objects and sprint without tiring. His true physical talent is swimming. He swims at the level of a professional athlete, and he doesn’t need to hold his breath. He has a natural rapport with creatures of the sea. As a recipient of the immortal Reploid data, he does not have a programmed lifespan as other Reploids do.

His true potential shines through in his Model L form, however. After Megamerging with Model L, he wields a double-sided halberd, its energy blades easily able to cut through un-armored flesh. As well, he has control over several ice-related powers, being able to create spears, orbs that shatter and spray their shrapnel in all directions, and dragons that home in on their target. His already phenomenal swimming ability is bolstered further by the jets in his fins that allow him to glide effortlessly through the water in any direction.
Weaknesses: As a Reploid, he has certain weaknesses that humans do not. While he is built to be resistant to things that are generally dangerous to your garden variety robot such as shocks and magnets, it’s certainly possible that these could be dangerous in extenuating circumstances. Despite his supposed immortality, he’s still just a 14-year-old kid, and he’s mostly defenseless without his Biometal. In his Model L form, he’s highly susceptible to fire, and while he’s incredibly skilled with his tools, he doesn’t have the mind for combat strategy, and often leaves himself somewhat open. He’s much more at home in water than he is on land, and while he can still use his ice powers by drawing moisture from the air, his greatest asset is in his swimming ability, so he’s at a big disadvantage if a fight isn’t where he wants it to be.

PERSONALITY; Thetis wants to save the whales. His entire life, he has loved all sorts of bodies of water; rivers, seas, oceans, it doesn’t matter. If it’s wet, it’s alright in his book. However, he takes this environmentalism to an extreme, desiring to rid the earth of anyone who would pollute the water, and he’d sooner do it by killing them than trying to change their ways.

Thetis presents a very happy-go-lucky front to the rest of the world; anyone meeting him for the first time would probably leave thinking about how nice the boy they just met was. However, while it is his natural disposition in a way, it’s also a method of masking his malice. He’s friendly by default, and quite often goes as far as loving, but when he gets nasty, it can border on psychotic, and he has no qualms killing people if it’ll further his goals.

Of course, he does have things he likes that aren’t aquatic creatures; namely, the three other evil Mega Men. While he is technically supposed to kill them as part of the Game of Destiny, the group of four has bonded in a strange way, and they choose to fight as a team. It’s not clear to anyone whether they feel they can rule the world as a team or are simply in an alliance for the moment, but nonetheless, he is unusually fond of them, feeling that as Mega Men they are on a higher level of existence than common Reploids, humans, and defective Mega Men. At the same time though, he seems to hold a certain level of respect for Grey, claiming that Grey, of all people, should understand what he’s trying to accomplish.

He’s mature for his age in several aspects. He’s very intelligent, he has directly killed several people, and he’s very cynical about the world as a whole; he essentially feels that he is an adult in a young teen’s body. This isn’t the case, however. He’s still somewhat naïve, and though he believes he can change the world to his liking if he wins the Game of Destiny, this may not be entirely possible. He’s prone to throwing fits when he can’t get his way, and he easily sinks into a funk when things aren’t looking good.

HISTORY; Thetis was, for the majority of his life, a normal Reploid boy. He had normal parents, went to normal school, didn’t have too many normal friends, but still had enough to qualify as normal. He was smart, and he always had a certain affinity for water. While he enjoyed the pool, he was always partial to more natural bodies of water, braving the polluted waters to play with the aquatic life.

As he grew older (sort of) he started realizing that people were the source of the pollution. Human, Reploid, it didn’t really matter, because they were abusing the waters for their own purposes, dumping in trash and sewage as if it would disappear from the world once it disappeared from their sight. While his outward disposition was as cheery as ever, he grew inwardly bitter towards nearly everyone, with no method of releasing his frustration.

Until Master Albert came into the picture with a lovely little thing called Biometal. As it seemed, Thetis was a Biomatch for Model L, and he could Megamerge with it to become more powerful than he had ever imagined. Albert brought the four Mega Men based on the Four Guardians together, and somehow, the four of them became a group of very strange friends, working together in order to collect energy for Model W. However, they were all forced to fight Model A, another Mega Man. Despite this one being inferior to them, all four lost, and this angered Thetis. He had his chance for revenge on Ouroboros when the four of them cornered Model A, but Model ZX ran in to fight them off, allowing Model A to go fight Master Albert. ZX managed to hold them off admirably, but suddenly, Ouroboros began to crumble, Model A apparently having defeated Master Albert. Model Z itself separated from its Double Megamerge, allowing Model X to go aid Model A. Though the team of four attempted to destroy Model Z, the Biometal used a strange power to paralyze them. However, everyone managed to escape somehow before Ouroboros was completely destroyed.

While the world appeared to be at peace once again, Sage Thomas revealed to Sage Mikhail that while he disagreed with Albert’s methods, he was correct in his attempt to “reset” the world, revealing the four Mega Men, implying that they had been given the immortal Reploid data and that he would use the Mega Men in his own endeavor to reset the world. However, in Thetis’ case, he never got the chance.

“Well jeez, I don’t know!” he snapped at the fish, that creature staring at him with blank eyes that seemed to hold so much emotion nonetheless. Nobody could understand the fish like he did. Sadness? Oh, he had been a little snippy. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I just really don’t know how long it’ll take to clean everything up.”

The fish looked relieved, but somehow sad nonetheless. He couldn’t blame it. These waters were filthy. It was unpleasant to talk in, the chemicals and other pollutants leaving a vile taste in his mouth. It made him furious just thinking about it, much less experiencing it. He could hardly believe it, but there it was. No fish deserved to live in muck like this while people lounged around in immaculate homes.

That was why he was here. He was the voice of those who could only speak in air bubbles and cry with eyes incapable of tears. “Cheer up! I’m off to do something about it right now! There’s a waste disposal facility just a couple miles away. I only have to do a little damage before the whole thing breaks down permanently, because it’ll cost too much for those greedy bastards to fix it. I’ll be back before you know it!” he encouraged the fish, giving it his best smile before activating his jets and dashing away.
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