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Cookie II



nikkithabee: i am trying so hard to resist reading creepypasta
nikkithabee: because if i do
nikkithabee: i will freak out
nikkithabee: for the rest of the night
nikkithabee: esp because i'm home alone tonight
tarastarok: don't look behind you
toastybat: i will write some creepy pasta for you nikki
toastybat: ready?
toastybat: once upon a time there was a girl named nikki and she lived in a house in st. louis. it was a p. good house and she lived there with some dogys and her mom and she slept in a bed just like you or me!
toastybat: one time niky started to here a woof and she thought "oh it is just the dogs" she said but she wasn't sure because she was just home alone and her mom was not coming home today so she decided to not even care haha.
toastybat: but then she heard the wofo again but it was definitely not a dog it even sounding like a person going wooooof and she was like "where is that woofing come form holy shity rusty goy homy"
toastybat: and but it wasn't even rusty she knew this because she knows what rusty voice sounds likeand it was not "woof woof" so she went to the kitchen to check on the kitchen
toastybat: on her way there she met her dog and said "dog, if you are woofing you better stop" so the dog said "okay nikki" all three.
toastybat: so she went to the kitchen but it was too dark so she had to turn on the lights.
toastybat: so she turned on the lights and there was a man in the kitchen eating out of a can of food and nikki said "hey" and the guy turned AROUND AND IT WAS LUKE FIELDSNIG BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA
toastybat: p.s. please read every first word of my paragraphs for a super scary surprise
tarastarok: once one but and on so so!!!!!!!
tarastarok: AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
nikkithabee: AAAA
nikkithabee: AaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA
toastybat: what did you think of my cerepy pasga
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